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Corploan Media, creates lead generation for the future. Corploan creates qualitative leads through automated digital processes. Through an automated service for digital lead generation, qualitative leads are generated, secure and fast, for better business today.

Qualitative leads

We deliver fast and secure better leads generation for your company

Better delivery

Over time, our service generates more and better leads for a better business for our clients.

Secure process

We deliver a high quality service, without compromising on security

Fast support

We ensure rapid support on question arising during the process

Automated service

The automated service help your company with digital leads and increased conversion

Personal service

Our clients always get a professional and personal treatment

Growth of the future

Corploan Media, was founded in spring 2020, with the intention to create modern lead generation for businesses with digital business models. With numerous years of experience with digital business development and media, Corploan Media was created to respond to the need of qualitative leads of today.


Precision and long term sustainability

Precision, speed and long term sustainable growth are our key words. Our platforms and the tools we use, are chosen to live up to our high set expectations on delivery and the data we collect. Naturally we work in accordance with regulatory guidelines and continuously ensure tools and processes are at the leading edge.


Proactively Eliminate Vulnerabilities

To ensure your company is well prepared for the future, you as business owner should work actively to make sure your company is up to date with current business opportunities. We provide a solution that gives enterprises access to modern technology and updated platforms. With Corploan Media, you as a business owner get access to the potential you risk losing today.



Brahegatan 12

114 37, Stockholm